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Overwhelmed academic, I see you!

Let's re-imagine academic life together! 

Higher education can feel overwhelming & isolating,
but you are not alone. 

Art Historian, Associate Professor,

Life Coach for Academics.

Welcome! I'm Karen. 

We are already good enough, just as we are.
We can create academic lives that nourish us. 
Self-compassion is a gift to ourselves and
everyone around us. 

We are whole people, with lives and
communities beyond campus.  

We are not alone.  Meaningful connection
and support are available to us.
We can choose a slower pace of life. 

We can re-imagine success, on our own terms.  

I believe that
I'm so glad you're here. 
One small, intentional choice at a time,
we can create more supportive, more sustainable academic lives, and a more humane academia.

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In my occasional emails, I share gentle reflections and simple exercises based on the rhythms of academic life.  I offer tiny interventions to help you release academic grind culture, and I open up about the joys and challenges of my own academic life.  
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